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Websites that only use HTML and CSS are called static websites, and websites with scripting are called dynamic websites. When thinking about making your website, it’s important to identify which type of site you want.

To help you decide, here’s an explanation on static vs. dynamic websites.

A static website is a website which contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same contents to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website and are the easiest to create.

Static websites do not require any Web programming or database design. A static site can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a Web server.

Since static Web pages contain fixed code, the content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the owner. This works well for small websites, but it can make large sites with hundreds or thousands of pages difficult to maintain.

Static sites that contain a lot of pages are often designed using themes and templates. This makes it possible to update several pages at once, and also helps provide a consistent layout throughout the site.

Static Website
static website is the simplest kind of website you can build. Static websites are written in HTML and CSS only, with no scripting. The only form of interactivity on a static website is hyperlinks.

If you intend your website to be a small one (3 pages or less), then a static website might be the easiest way to go. But if you want to share elements between pages (such as logos or menus), you’ll have to duplicate the HTML on each page.

Static websites are easier to make than dynamic websites, because they require less coding and technical knowledge. However, fully static websites are very uncommon these days, since there is so much that scripting can do.

Some Advantages of a static website are:
1- Provide improved security over dynamic websites
2- Improved performance for end users compared to dynamic websites
3- Less or no dependencies on systems such as databases or other application servers
4- The disadvantages of a static website would be that the dynamic functionality has to be added separately.

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