Our network engineers are well versed in system design, specification, migration, integration, security, upgrades and development of client-server technologies. We know that your company’s daily critical business processes rely on your computing technologies. The legal risks and repercussions of data breaches are becoming increasingly severe as technology is advancing.

We recognize that it takes a high level of understanding and varied experience to assist you with your on-going operation. For this reason, we take a pro-active approach to support your business network. We can develop a weekly or monthly schedule whereby your business is serviced.

Alfailaq Team strives for the right balance between effective project management and cost-effective software development for each project. We carefully define technical requirements that match our clients’ expectations before development begins.

We use a set of best practices refined through hundreds of successful application development projects with rigorous testing procedures to create a highly reliable, stable code for scalable, extensible systems. Our custom software is well documented and annotated to facilitate future enhancements and maintenance.

We help companies transform their IT infrastructure, operations and applications to make the most of the scalability, innovation and cost efficiency of Cloud computing.

We perform Office 365 migrations and provide infrastructure management on the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services platforms.

Many of our clients with in-house IT Departments request our careful review of their overall plan to ensure the success of their project. We offer expert advice, while becoming an integral part of their project and an extension to their staff. We work closely with Executives, IT Directors and Project Managers, attend client meetings, and present them with innovative solutions and ideas. Our clients benefit from our professional counsel that enhances proficiency and productivity.

In other cases, companies without IT Departments use our services on a weekly or monthly basis to resolve any networking or end user issues. If your company is in need of such services, please contact us to allocate a time to discuss your objectives.

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