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Can I convert my computer to a Web Server? It is possible, but you will need specialized services, protocols and programs to achieve it.

Server Web
When entering an address into a browser, a server receives this request and returns the correct page. In a crowded site, this basic task may require a lot of work. As a result the Web servers are typically computers of industrial capacity.

Although a normal Windows PC with the appropriate configuration can accommodate a Web site, it is not usually worth it. Instead, most people hire other companies to provide them space in one of their servers, typically for a monthly fee. In other words, you have to rent a place on the Web.

Often you can hire the same company that you use to access the Internet or can be included in your package free of charge. As an alternative, you can contact a company dedicated to web hosting. Either way, it will take the sites built and a copyto a remote computer to ensure that your talent can be enjoyed by the worldwide public.

Becoming a web hoster
In theory, you certainly can. The network is designed to be an open community and nobody will stop you. But in practice, it is not that easy.

Several monumental challenges prevent that all but the most ambitious people direct their own Web servers. The first thing you need is a reliable computer that runs 24 hours a day. Moreover it requires special hosting Web software able to serve pages when browsers request them.

The next problem is that the computer requires a special connection to the Internet called fixed IP address.

The IP address is a number that identifies your computer on the network (IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the standard success behind the rules that govern the way in which various devices communicate over a network).

In order to make your computer run a website and ensure that others can find it, you need to ensure that your IP address is fixed.In other words, you must lock it so you don’t have to change it constantly.

Most Internet service providers randomly assign new IP addresses as needed and are changed at will, which means that many people can’t use their computers to host a permanent Web site, at least not without special software.

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