UX Prototype

UX Prototypes
Prototype is an early sample of design used to get feedback and rapid experiments with new ideas.

Why we Prototype ?

1- Limit the expenses of development
2- Test the design concepts
3- Test the usability of the product

Prototypes typically created with a mixture of sketches, wireframes or mockups, prototypes depending on the project timelines and these are representations of the design.

This can use as a mechanism to get user feedback early and quickly on your design where you can iterate on making your product a better one.

Sketching is a drawing which you could easily with a papers and pens with less cost. Mostly sketching is used in the early stages of the design process to get new ideas for the product as well as use to identify the users pain point.

Low fidelity sketches can mostly use identify user pain points and get new ideas for the product at early stage.

With sketches you can rapidly iterate the design with a low cost to make the product more useable.

Wireframes are representation of layouts and mostly focused on the layout of the content. Mostly use gray scale or black and white.

In low fidelity wireframing you can use tools to create gray scale wireframes which is more richer way than sketching at the beginning of the design process.

Mockups is a fully created design including color details, typography, content etc… This will more like the final product of yours. Here it does not represent the interactions.

Medium Fidelity Prototypes.
This is a mixture of basic text and some UI elements. Mostly this is used when you have key elements in place but you need to validate to get better understanding of user needs.

High Fidelity Prototypes.
Use to validate the prototype when you have a finalize idea, UI and work flow.

As a result of the finished design most of the usability issues at this stage will get caught and you will be able to get the feedback on everything including text fields, labels, content, colors and the general usability of the whole product. But sometimes users aren’t going to be as willing to give feedback because your design looks almost the final design.

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