IPTV Support

ALFAILAQ provides 2nd and 3rd line IPTV technical support, which means availability to the business partners or client IT personnel in charge of ALFAILAQ IPTV systems. ALFAILAQ’s IPTV support and maintenance services include:

ALFAILAQ maintenance and support services are organized in a manner to provide the following benefits to the Client or Distributor:

  • Fast response times.
  • Effective troubleshooting.
  • Effective technology usage support.
  • High level of equipment availability.
  • Maintenance costs optimization.
  • Access to upgrades and software updates.
  • Optimal system performance.


Available services in the scope of maintenance and support:

  • Priority availability of the ALFAILAQ Help Desk.
  • Remote access problem diagnostic and analysis.
  • Problem solving by phone or through remote access.
  • Remote preventive diagnostics of maintained equipment.
  • Access to upgrades and software updates.
  • Keeping records of maintained equipment.
  • Technical consultancy and support for usage of maintained IPTV equipment.
  • The expansion of IPTV systems and technical consultancy in this regard.
  • IPTV system administration.
  • New system functionalities implementation and technical consultancy in this regard.