IPTV Residential

The Residential TV Industry

The largest segment of the smart TV industry is represented by the residential users. Interactive TV services for the residential public are in most cases provided by national or local IPTV operators, such as telecommunication service providers, cable service providers, ISP providers or OTT service providers.

The television is again becoming the central home media appliance.

With its large screen, television represents an electronic device that was for the largest part forgotten during the rapid expansion of smart phones and other multi-operational electronic devices. But these times are over as IPTV services are becoming one of the most important revenue channels for telecommunication operators, while TV producers are investing more and more resources into the development and sales of so-called connected TV devices.

Consumers can choose from a variety of smart TV providers with different business models.

The IPTV industry is a very competitive market for providers of any kind of IPTV product or service, especially in the residential segment. Consumers not only to have more choices to choose between different IPTV operators, but can also decide on a smart TV device with access to a range of OTT services.