IPTV Mosaic

IPTV Mosaic and Testing All-in-one

Today’s digital broadcast environments are complex with a wide variety of sources, compression standards and formats, and a variety of different technologies and devices.   In the perfect scenario all these video formats, devices, encoding, and decoding technologies work together to deliver the highest level of video and audio quality.

…. However, the reality is that errors will occur at various points throughout the media distribution chain from acquisition to transmission.   These errors can range from minor errors to major, persistent defects in the video stream.

Make your life easy with one solution that both delivers both a video multiviewer and full-range testing to see and detect all video errors is critical to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

IPTV Mosaic is a multiviewer and and testing solution that provides powerful real-time monitoring and analysis of all your video streams. Whether you are at local or remote sites, Alfailaq incorporates complete analyzer capabilities for testing bit-stream conformance while simultaneously decoding and displaying data streams in real-time. The combination of a multiviewer and in-depth analyzer provides a comprehensive display of signal statistics and conditions within a single glance. This combined offering allows operators to visually inspect all programs being processed with the assurance that they are delivering the highest level of video quality to their customers.


IPTV Mosaic Highlights

  • Ability to test large number of program simultaneously and continuously (24/7/365)
  • Full range monitoring –   system, video, audio, and loudness
  • Full video and transport conformance test to industry specifications ensures decoder compatibility
  • Solution can easily adapt to future requirements and industry standards