IPTV Gateway

Catering to the needs of the enterprise market we have developed a high availability solution for our Digital Signage and IPTV platform, with mirrored and clustered servers allowing automatic failover and continuity of service in operationally mission critical deployments.


IPTV Gateway. Features & Advantages


  • HTTP (MPEG-TS Stream, HLS)
  • RTSP
  • MPEG-TS Files


  • DVB (RESI DVB-C Modulator)
  • HTTP (MPEG-TS Stream)
  • MPEG-TS Files


  • Descrambling: DVB-CI, SoftCAM
  • Demultiplexing – preparing channels for IP network
  • Multiplexing – preparing streams for DVB modulators
  • T2-MI Decapsulation
  • Analyzing MPEG-TS Streams
  • Redundancy for incoming streams
  • Filtering streams and changing stream information
  • MPEG-TS Analyzer to check information and quality about the streams.
  • UDP/HTTP Streams Relay to forward UDP/HTTP streams via HTTP.
  • DVB Adapters Information to print the detailed information about the DVB adapters
  • DVB Signal Status to check signal quality


  • Web-Interface
  • Restrict access to the streaming content
  • Telemetry and monitoring
  • REST API for management
  • EPG Export (XMLTV)


  • System requirements depend on your tasks and goals. Astra works perfectly on any platform that supported by Linux: x86, ARM, MIPS. That can be an embedded system like a home router or a distributed system with many servers
  • Astra supports any hardware (DVB, Ethernet, etc.) that has a driver for Linux