Amino STB

Amino A140

The Amino A140 – the next generation MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 high definition IPTV/OTT set-top-box (STB) for HD deployments.

High definition capability and OTT functionality are becoming must have features in new IPTV deployments worldwide. The Amino A140 is a cost-effective HD STB that provides the perfect balance between price, specification and high performance. Stylish and compact, the AminoA140 now enables IPTV providers to deliver a compelling mix of broadcast, on-demand and OTT services with new features including HTTP live streaming (HLS) and HTML5 technologies.

The A140 is complemented by an extensive range of set-top-box middleware, browsers, conditional access and DRM options. All STB functions can be controlled from a browser using the Amino JMACX system.


Can de-interlace content for progressive display
High performance CPU
Stylish, pleasing design
Mini DIN, HDMI, USB, S-Video, S/PDIF and RF connectors
Software reset button
Software functions controlled from browser
ADKs and SDKs available
Accepts a multicast software image


Great picture quality for LCD and Plasma TVs
Provides fast video processing
Wide range of connectivity in a compact package
Provides a selection of input/output connections
Provides a method of software recovery in the field
Allows developers to create effective user interfaces via the Amino JMACX extensions
Scope for further development of custom software applications
Enables software upgrades to be deployed in the field
Unique protection to each deployment