Advanced TV Management System

The content production and broadcasting demands within Broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries has changed dramatically in the last years, especially regarding the immediacy that nowadays require audiences. These sectors’ professionals have less and less time to get ready their news and programs. That is why making the most of the TV Channels’ available resources is becoming a pressing issue. Controlling at all time their use and planning future tasks are not just simple improvements to differentiate from competitors. Now they are becoming an essential requirement so as to maintain our audiences engaged.


Thanks to this new webinar ‘Advanced TV Management System – FAILAQ ATMS‘ we introduce the functionalities and features of our software Alfailaq for information technology in order to achieve the aforementioned goals. This solution for planning and managing all TV programming just from one unique interface will allow you to control all the scheduled programs and their timetables, as well as the workflows and departments involved in their production. Discover how to improve your TV Channel’s efficiency, make the most of the available resources and optimize the collaborative work among all the company’s professionals! Thanks to Alfailaq for information technology you will be able to secure the management and planning of your channel’s programming and always have the content ready to broadcast.